OneDrive vs Dropbox- Which is better?

OneDrive vs Dropbox- Which is better?

Jul 1, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

The world of technology is developing rapidly, and with the most adept of changes comes the transformation in how we store our digital data. Long ago, we used to have floppy disks and diskettes to store media and data.

They used to have handsome megabytes of storage space. After that, technology evolved and we stepped into an age where hard disks and solid-state drives started to play a dominant role in storing data. However, all these physical forms of storing data had one big disadvantage- the fear of losing data due to disk corruption, dying disk, or the loss of the media disk.

After all, losing gigabytes of personal files and important data is no joke. We all need some form of security and trust that we won’t lose access to the data that we are storing. This is where cloud storage comes into play. With cloud storage, you can store gigabytes of data on a cloud server that behaves just like your hard disk, but the biggest advantage that you will never lose access to your data.

Special systems and protocols protect the cloud servers which allows them to clone the data across several servers so that if your data gets corrupted on one terminal, the same data can be fetched from another terminal easily so that you can rest assured that your files are always in safe hands.

Cloud systems are truly a boon in the modern technological world. Several cloud storage providers are available today and providing top-notch services. Two of the most prominent cloud storage service providers are Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox. Both the cloud storage services offer a handsome list of features and support a long list of integrations. In this article, we will compare both Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox and help you make your decision in choosing the best cloud storage service for yourself.

OneDrive vs Dropbox:

Storage space and integration with Windows:

Both OneDrive and Dropbox offer enormous storage space which is large enough for long time sustainability in storing new data. OneDrive which belongs to Microsoft has a basic 5 GB storage plan for non-Microsoft 365 users. Any new user to Microsoft can avail of the free cloud storage plan from OneDrive.

On the other hand, Dropbox offers 2 GB of storage space for free. Both the free plans from Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox support the synchronization of files. So here, if you compare, OneDrive provides a clear 3 GB extra for free users and hence, if anyone is willing to get cloud storage for free, OneDrive is the service to go for.

If we dig deeper into the premium plans, Dropbox offers up to 2 TB cloud storage space for a monthly price of $9.99. This includes their special file recovery service with which you can recover lost or deleted file within 30 days of deletion.

When it comes to OneDrive standalone plan, you get 100 GB storage space for roughly $2 per month.

You can add extra storage to your existing OneDrive plans if you ever run out of space. Therefore, we have a significant advantage with OneDrive that you are not restricted to a limited space of the cloud storage. You can always increase the cloud storage quota on the go.

With Microsoft plans, you also have a choice of purchasing the Microsoft 365 personal or home subscription with which you will automatically get 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage for free, plus you get the Microsoft 365 suite that includes Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint to name a few.

We personally feel that OneDrive has a better advantage here. This is not just because of the storage quota and its dynamic handling, but also how the cloud storage integrates with both Microsoft 365 Suite and Microsoft Windows.

If you are a Windows user, you will have a clear advantage in using Microsoft OneDrive because you can synchronize documents and customized folders on your computer much more easily than Dropbox.

Microsoft OneDrive comes in-built with Microsoft Windows 10 so you can customize everything from Windows itself without having to use a separate software or regular visits to the cloud space through a browser.

Third-party integrations:

When it comes to third-party integrations, Dropbox shines. OneDrive is indeed supported by many third-party apps but Dropbox has a clear lead here in the number of apps that support their cloud services.

This is because Dropbox has been in the industry for several more years than OneDrive and it will take some time for OneDrive to be recognized as much as Dropbox.

If you are a hardcore mobile user, then Dropbox will serve you better because it integrates so well with several mobile applications. With OneDrive, you won’t get a good experience in terms of mobile app integration.


In terms of security, Dropbox and OneDrive are very much secure. Although back in 2012 there had been a series of security scares with Dropbox, including a major hack process, the cloud service provider has improved a lot in recent years and provides top-notch security for all its users.

Both the services of OneDrive and Dropbox encrypt your data while it is being uploaded and in transit from your computer to their servers, and when it is there on the cloud or you download it from the cloud storage space. OneDrive provides custom links for sharing files and folders from their cloud space which is also very secure.

You can choose its security level and the power to edit the folders just like in Google Drive, but straight from the computer instead of a browser. OneDrive also has a personal storage vault which is far more secure and provides the tightest of security for storing sensitive and confidential files. You will have the option to provide two-factor authentication or fingerprint authentication to unlock this folder every time you try to attempt to access the folder.

Both the cloud storage providers provide two-factor authentication. This creates an additional layer of security for your files and folders in the cloud storage space.


If you are a mobile user who is looking for a great cloud storage provider that supports multiple integrations across various applications, then Dropbox will be the better choice for you. However, if app integration is not a priority for you and you are simply looking for an astounding cloud storage provider with top-notch security and compatibility with your operating system, then undoubtedly Microsoft OneDrive is the perfect choice for your requirements because it is so much more than just a storage service provider.

You can install OneDrive on your phone and trust us when we say that its mobile app is truly remarkable. The added advantage of OneDrive is its compatibility with Microsoft Office 365 suite. If you are a power user of the Microsoft Office suite, then you should choose OneDrive over Dropbox for the best cloud storage benefits.