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With the revolutionary advancement of technology, every bit of technology is progressing at a rapid rate. At this phenomenal rate of progress, it is extremely easy for the end-user to get confused about when to update, repair, or modify the computer and its components. At Geek Squire, we understand such frustrations of our customer and try to resolve the issues at the fastest possible speed with top-notch fixes along the line. Hence, we have come up with innovative ways of fixing all your computer problems. You can reach us any time for a complete diagnosis and repair of your devices- be it your computer, your laptop, or your smartphone devices.

Here’s how we can help.

Computer Diagnostics

Is your computer running slow? We will investigate and find out what is causing the slowdown of your computer.

Computer Cleaning & Tune-ups

We will fine-tune and optimize your operating system, remove unnecessary programs and files and run Windows updates.

Data Backup & Transfer

We set up a one-time or weekly schedule of data backups to external storage drives and migrate the data to a new PC upon further request.

Software Help

We will take care of all your software installation and updates, or uninstall some software while you sit back and relax

Windows and Mac OS Update

We establish a solid foundation to recover your operating system and software if your system ever crashes. We also perform regular Windows and Mac OS updates so that your operating system is always up to date with the latest technology.

Browser and Popups Cleanup

We investigate your browser data and clean unnecessary or junk data from your browser. We also take care of any unwanted popups and clean them.

The range of problems that can occur in your computer

There are plenty of issues that can occur on your computer. If you are using Windows or macOS for a long time, there can be greater chances that your system software and applications are out of date. Using an outdated operating system expose your system to a range of vulnerabilities and incompatibility with different applications. You will need to regularly update the version of your operating system and the various software and applications that are installed on your system.

There can also be instances when your computer hardware is not performing as expected and may lead to the system slowing down or crashing completely. To fix them, you will need to update your driver versions for all your computer hardware peripherals. Although it is easy to install and update drivers, there are times when you may need to manually install and tweak your hardware drivers for maximum performance and compatibility. In extreme cases of failures, you may need to replace the hardware component with a new one.

problems in your computer
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We offer top-notch service that you won’t find anywhere else

Here is a bit of a challenge for you. Try to call any major computer repair centre and tell them that you are having problems with your computer or operating system and software. Explain to them that you are facing certain challenges while operating the computer, and while they are working on it, ask them to clean your system from viruses and to check whether your drivers and software are up to date. Maybe you expect them to do their job, but what you are likely to hear is a gurgling or murmuring sound while they drop the phone call and hang up on you. This can be frustrating and time-wasting for you.

Here at Geek Squire, we are deeply committed to providing you with the services you need. We fully cover your requirements for computer and operating system updates or upgrades. Need to update your operating system, software, and hardware drivers? Or do you need to fix your hardware issues and clean your computer from junk data and viruses? Then look no further. We at Geek Squire take care of everything for you while you sit back and relax, enjoying a cup of coffee.

We can assist you with

  • Optimizing your computer and network, making it faster than ever.
  • Virus and Spyware removal and installation of internet security software.
  • Configuring shared folders and network drivers.
  • Configuring backup schedules for all your important files and data and recover any lost or damaged data.
  • Replacement and supply of any new computer components or peripherals.

As technicians, we are well-known for honestly dealing with our customers. Due to our goodwill, a vast majority of our customers keep coming back to us because they are confident and have faith in our service offerings and the quality of our services.

we can assist you

Get a cleaner computer in a matter of minutes

We at Geek Squire assist you in deleting files that can slow down your computer and internet


Prevent pop-ups and tighten security

We at Geek Squire help you in removing unwanted files that cause annoying popups, irrelevant warnings and causes your computer to crash. We also create stronger security for your computer by installing important security patches on your computer.


Optimizing system performance

We tweak your system settings to make sure that your system performs faster than ever. We also remove or disable unnecessary settings by perfecting the configuration based on your personal needs.

Computer Diagnostic and Repair- Frequently Asked Questions

Is there one single test that I can run which will guide me on whether there is anything wrong with my computer?
Having such testing software would be awesome. Unfortunately, such software has not been invented yet. Although there are packs of software available that works discretely on such concerns, there is no inexpensive, all-in-one software that can fix every problem that exists on your computer. There are instances when you need a technician to look into all the problems in your computer and fix them manually. Software or any automated program cannot help in fixing such issues in your computer.
Isn’t running a diagnostic on my computer just going to add to the cost of fixing the problem?
We do not charge you any service fee for running a diagnostic test. We only charge you to cover up costs for our time and effort invested. Once a diagnostic is complete, you will have the luxury of being able to resolve only what is wrong with your computer and its peripherals. This cuts down and saves a lot of time and money.

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