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Geek Squire has got all your tech needs covered- 24/7/365 days a year. Start ticking off stuff from your tech to-do list.

Here at Geek Squire, we are devoted to solving all your tech problems round the clock. Do you have any issue with your computer hardware, printer, scanner, laptop, networking devices or your mobile phones and gadgets? Do you need assistance with tech support for debugging and troubleshooting your technical issues? Or do you require exceptional support in installing malware or antivirus software and managing their performance on your computer? Our top-notch technical support team has got it all covered for you. We are committed to delivering all our client’s requirements round the clock, 365 days a year.


You will be amazed that your same old computer is performing just like it used to when you purchased it. Don’t believe it? Try us!

Diagnostics and Repair

Geek Squire is your ultimate stop for a comprehensive diagnostic & repair for your computer and connecting devices. That includes networking too. We can fix anything!

Setup & Install

Puzzled and annoyed with device setup and installation? Let our experts handle all your problems while you sit back and relax.

Virus Removal

The digital world is filled with online threats, viruses and hackers. But that shouldn’t bother you because we will take care of enhancing your security infrastructure.

Gold-rated insurance for your devices

The world of technology is quite complex, and to survive here, you will always require top-notch technical support that can help you when things go wrong, anytime, anywhere.

We provide you with simple to understand monthly plans, or one-time quick fixes. You only need to pay a low-cost fixed fee and we will take it from there.

  • No time-consuming forms
  • No hidden fees and extras
  • No hassle

Only no-nonsense fixes that gets you totally covered from all tech problems and gets you running in a flash.

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Premium support at reasonable pricing scheme

With our exceptional blend of hardware, software and human support we give unmatched answers for your technical issues, regardless of the device, in lightning fast time.

Due to this same combination of service provision, we are able to provide you top-class tech services at the price of street food.

Require assistance with your technology?

Are you new to the world of technology? Or do you need some serious help in getting things fixed? We adore accepting new challenges that technology brings in and pride ourselves in providing exceptional support for a huge range of devices starting from the most basic tablets to the latest IoT gadgets.

On the top of that, we provide an extra mile beyond just supporting your devices. We take our customer care to a whole new level who will support you till the end of the world.

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Trusted Techs

Geek Squire technical team is highly trained, composed and lightning fast to resolve the most complicated technology issues.

Live Support (no visits or trips)

We at Geek Squire provide remote assistance without the need of visiting your premises or business office. You don’t have to wait in a queue or set online appointments.

Support Guarantee

We are committed to provide you services that gives you full satisfaction. If you are not 100% happy with our services, we will do whatever it takes to make everything right for you.

ReviewsDon’t take our word for it

[cwp_et_pb_layout_slider_standard show_arrows=”off” live_preview=”on” auto=”on” loop_slider=”on” equal_height=”on” touch_drag=”on” use_urlhash=”off” num_items=”3″ slide_center_item=”on” dots_bg=”#5aa9ec” dots_bg_active=”#ffffff” dots_size=”10px” dot_active_width=”26px” num_items_tablet=”2″ num_items_phone=”1″ num_items_last_edited=”on|phone” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ _module_preset=”default”][cwp_et_pb_layout_slide_item_standard admin_title=”Rian Takeshita” slide_type=”content” img_show_in_lightbox=”off” content_slide=”

I so appreciate having someone that knows what they are doing and can login remotely and deal with my computer issues. It’s worth every penny!
Rian Takeshita
– Senior Director of IT Operations

” content_width=”100%” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ _module_preset=”default”][/cwp_et_pb_layout_slide_item_standard][cwp_et_pb_layout_slide_item_standard admin_title=”Investigator Chris Pasibe” slide_type=”content” img_show_in_lightbox=”off” content_slide=”

I use geeky post when I simply can not find any other solution. The tech was wonderful, helpful, knowledgeable and efficient! That’s what I call support!

Chris Pasibe
– Associate Director of Higher Education

” content_width=”100%” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ _module_preset=”default”][/cwp_et_pb_layout_slide_item_standard][cwp_et_pb_layout_slide_item_standard admin_title=”Chief Kelly Stillman” slide_type=”content” img_show_in_lightbox=”off” content_slide=”

My computer was hacked and being held ransom. The Tech Pro was able to get in and not only resolve that issue but clean up a variety of attacks from other places.

Chief Kelly Stillman
– Director of Employee Engagement

” content_width=”100%” _builder_version=”4.9.2″ _module_preset=”default”][/cwp_et_pb_layout_slide_item_standard][cwp_et_pb_layout_slide_item_standard admin_title=”Chief Kelly Stillman” slide_type=”content” img_show_in_lightbox=”off” content_slide=”

I have had support.com for years. They explain everything having to do with your computer, smart phone, or even smart watch. Support.com is worth the membership.
Jack Robinson
– Senior Account Executive

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