About Us

Don’t Give Up When You’ve Got Computer Problems

Why Geek Squire?
Well, because we do things a little differently.

We care for every case that comes to our hand and do not rush with the process in the quickest possible time. We never undervalue your frustration when it comes to any technical problems with your device and we do not reject to work on an issue just because it is difficult to solve. We always think out of the box and come up with innovative ideas in fixing any problem. Simply put, we truly care for you.

Our Values

Honest & Ethical

We deeply understand the vulnerability of giving access to important and confidential data to someone else. Geek Squire operates all services with extreme honesty and integrity. We keep all your data safe and secure, work on them ethically and promise to give you peace of mind.

Professional & Respectful

We work with the truest sense of professionalism. Our experienced team of technicians will never make you feel hurried or as if your problems are trivial. No problem, no matter what, is too small for us to fix for you.

Urgency & Ownership

Problems with technology do disrupt our lives. Geek Squire takes every customer service call seriously and proactively responds to them as soon as possible. We try our level best to find a perfect solution to all your problems.

Let’s find the problem first

We take every problem seriously and it becomes a personal challenge for our team to troubleshoot and resolve. Therefore, every time you get in touch with us, we offer a totally FREE diagnosis of your issues, no questions asked.

We leave no room for guessing as we dig down to find the root cause of the problems. Once we fully understand the cause of the problem, only then do we provide you with the options available to fix the issues.

We are the most trusted support brand in the US

When situations go wrong, you always wish for finding the ultimate protection you need and search for the right person on the other end of the phone who can solve all the issues quickly and efficiently.

We take pride in ourselves in the quality of our work, giving a personal touch to our interactions, and on our world-class customer and technical service.

Honesty, Integrity, Dependability

We take immense pride and pleasure in doing a great job in getting your tech issues resolved in no time. That is why, here at Geek Squire, we recruit only the most passionate service engineers and technicians who love and take pride in their work. It is not just about super-shiny resumes, but about recognizing passionate people with good moral and ethical values at work. This is why we are not just another tech support team, but a passionate team of engineers and technicians who are made for the people, to serve the people.

ReviewsDon’t take our word for it

Well, to be honest, anyone can display shiny testimonials on their website and flaunt about how amazing their services are, but only the best of companies stands out by maintaining goodwill and excellent scores on multi-platform review websites. We do. Here are our ratings and reviews from the clients we had served in the past, just so you get a clear idea of our spectacular quality of services.
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I so appreciate having someone that knows what they are doing and can login remotely and deal with my computer issues. It’s worth every penny!
Rian Takeshita
- Senior Director of IT Operations

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I use geeky post when I simply can not find any other solution. The tech was wonderful, helpful, knowledgeable and efficient! That's what I call support!

Chris Pasibe
- Associate Director of Higher Education

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My computer was hacked and being held ransom. The Tech Pro was able to get in and not only resolve that issue but clean up a variety of attacks from other places.

Chief Kelly Stillman
- Director of Employee Engagement

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I have had support.com for years. They explain everything having to do with your computer, smart phone, or even smart watch. Support.com is worth the membership.
Jack Robinson
- Senior Account Executive

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