Install or uninstall software, run updates, and create shortcuts on your computer.
How do I actually claim technical support?
To receive technical support from one of our top Tech Pros, simply purchase a one-time fix or subscription. Once your purchase is made, you can easily connect to a Tech Pro through phone, email or online chat. Also, if needed, the Tech Pro can also execute performing a virtual house call. You can also place a scheduled callback to have a Tech Pro fix your issue at your convenient time.
How do virtual house calls work?
Virtual house calls work in the mode of remote sessions. Remote sessions always require your permission to perform an initiation of a virtual house call. Therefore, you remain in complete control of the remote session at all times, and you can also witness everything that our Tech Pro does over the virtual house call.
Why is this not covered by my Internet Service Provider or ISP?
Your internet service provider (ISP) can only assist you if the problem is with your internet connectivity on your premises. Geek Squire does not provide any internet connectivity or internet access, but we can help you in tech support for all the devices connected to the Internet at your premises. We can assist you with device connectivity, setup, and troubleshooting, or if you need any guidance in new features or functionality, we can assist you with the same at any time. With geeksquire.com, you will also receive premium quality support that allows you to sit back and relax, and watch our Tech Pros do all the work for you. You will not have to invest any time to search for the answers online or by carrying your device to a local technician for any assistance. We will do that in front of your eyes through remote virtual house call sessions.
What devices do you cover in your support?
We cover nearly all internet-connected devices including, but not limited to personal computers or PCs, Macs, smartphones (both Android OS and iOS), Smart TVs, printers, routers, gaming systems, audio systems, home theatres, automation systems, digital assistants, drones, and lots more.
Which operating systems are covered by your support?
We cover the latest OS versions of Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. We also offer support for older versions of operating systems if they are still supported by the manufacturer. At present, we do not offer any technical support for Linux.
What kinds of problems do you fix?
We can investigate, diagnose, and resolve almost any technical problem via remote technical support or virtual house calls. There are plenty of issues that we have recently solved, some of them are- establishing connectivity across devices in a home network, tuning up a slow computer, optimizing systems, removing viruses, spyware, ransomware and other forms of malware, setting up a new printer or any peripheral device to the internet, recovering lost or deleted files from the system, installation or update of a new operating system or software, migration of data, helping with the recovery of password, and many more.
What to do if my problem is not fixed?
It is simple. If we do not or are unable to fix a problem for you, we always offer a 30-days money-back guarantee for our services. You may avail the offer to get your money back if our services are unsuccessful.
Why should I trust you?
Geeksquire.com has been in the business of providing tech support since 1997. We are a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ under ticker symbol SPRT.
Are your Tech Pros really experts?
Our Tech Pros have been investigating, analysing and fixing tech issues for years across all existing brands and their devices. They go through rigorous training and hiring processes and receive top-notch coaching and mentoring from our senior staff with a hands-on learning experience. Therefore, you can safely trust our Tech Pros because they don’t think they are the best, they know they are the best.
Is there any subscription required to get tech support?
We offer both monthly and annual subscription plans that provide unlimited technical support from our highly qualified Tech Pros for all your connected devices. Besides, we also offer a one-time fix option that covers any single technical issue with your devices. Our step-by-step Guidance Path instructions are available for free. You can avail them anytime during your subscription period.
How many devices or computers does a tech plan cover?
Our monthly and annual subscription plans cover all internet-connected devices that you own at a single physical address. The support ranges from computers and mobile phones to printers, Smart TVs and even drones.
Does the subscription auto-renew?

Exactly. Before the end of each monthly or annual subscription, we will auto-renew your account for another term by charging your primary payment method on our records. If you want to opt-out of auto-renewal of your tech support services, you will need to cancel your ongoing subscription. To cancel your subscription and opt-out of auto-renewal, login to your account page and select Cancel Subscription or call us or email us at [email protected]

How do I cancel my subscription?
You can always cancel your existing subscription by calling us at (phone number) or by logging in to your account on Geeksquire.com and making the modifications from your account panel.
Do you offer tech support for businesses?
Yes, we do. We have dedicated business plans in our portal that can cover up to 10 users per subscription of tech support.