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File and Email Recovery

Geek Squire offers you a dedicated resource for file and email data recovery. We at Geek Squire have the most complete and sophisticated data recovery tools that will provide you with an efficient way to restore damaged, corrupted or deleted files to a proper working condition. Damage to the important and essential files and data can be a serious threat to any businesses both online and offline. Sometimes, recreating the file is not always the best solution and recovering the file or data on your system is the only way to fix the problems.

Here’s how we can help.

Laptop Data Recovery

No matter the brand of the laptop- be it HP, Asus, Dell or Lenovo or any other laptop brand, our top-notch engineers will be able to recover and restore your files and data from a crashed or corrupted laptop hard drive or prevent any accidental overwriting of laptop data, and more.

Desktop Data Recovery

Our engineers are well trained and specialized in recovering data from your iMac PC’s, Macbooks, Windows-based computers and laptops and iPhones without voiding your device warranty.

File & Email Data Recovery

Do you have an email that requires to be recovered? Do not worry. Our service specialists can recover each and every email or an entire email thread on your account with the same quality of service.

Data Transfer to Another Device

Our service engineers perform software installations, updates and uninstallations while you sit back and relax. The timeframe is minimal and service quality is top-notch.

Email Trouble Shooting

If you have any email that is broken, corrupted or damaged, we can safely recover it for you by troubleshooting the problems and recovering them from the corruption.

Cloud Data Backup and Recovery

Our specialists expertise in backing up cloud data and storing them safely in the cloud. We also assist you in recovering any lost or corrupted cloud data.

Common Causes of File Damage and Data Loss

There can be various reasons why your computer may lose access to files, email archives or other data. The most prevalent cause of this is an operating system issue during file access. The computer is unable to make the requested changes to the file and hence makes an incomplete entry instead. This prevents the file from operating properly.

Common reasons why file damage can occur include:

  • Operating system failure that results in file corruption
  • Damage due to bad or incomplete sectors.
  • Damage due to the hard drive malfunctioning.
  • Accidental file deletion, formatting of the drive or partitioning of drives.
  • Damage due to a virus, Trojan Horse or other malware.
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data recovery services

What to do when you cannot access files

Since media problems can cause file damage without causing any other significant symptoms, it is recommended that you switch off your hard disk drive, a RAID array or any other device that is affected by the file damage as soon as you are unable to access an important file.

It is strongly suggested not to use any recovery software to recover the damaged file. This is because many programs work by accessing only the basic file-system entries and does data undeleting, but they cannot treat complex problems like file corruption that efficiently. What’s worse, most file recovery software can cause a significant amount of additional damage to an already corrupted file by contributing to physical and logical damage.

We recommend that you turn your system off and contact Geek Squad Recovery Services to discuss the various options of file recovery. Having several years of strong experience in dealing with corrupted data and all sorts of data issues, we can securely recover your file from your computer that operates on Mac OS X, all versions of Windows, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, FreeBSD and various other operating systems.

Flexible Service Options and Free Diagnostics

At Geek Squire Recovery Services, we do understand the frustration that can be caused due to data loss and file corruption. We offer a flexible and wide array of services to help you restore and recover your missing or corrupted files and email archives as soon as possible within reasonable recovery costs and budget.

We offer authentic services round the clock for the fastest possible turnaround time in urgent situations. By appointing a highly experienced and talented team to investigate your case, we provide expedited services without compromising security or media safety. In general, our engineers can repair your corrupted files or recover the missing files within 24 hours under our emergency service option.

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Emergency Data Recovery

When you need access to your critically important data in a hurry, Secure Data Recovery offers emergency services with an average turnaround of 48 hours. We offer the best set of options for professional data recovery and media repair and will produce quality service while minimizing your downtime.

Data Recovery and Email Setup FAQ’s

What is data recovery?
Every digital device or digital storage media contains data or information. This information may get inaccessible due to mechanical or logical failure. The process of accessing, repairing and restoring these inaccessible bits of information from the digital device or storage media is called data recovery. This data recovery process varies based on the type of media that needs to be recovered. If the failure is due to logical reasons, such as deletion, operating system failure, etc, then specialized software can help in recovering the data. However, if the failure is due to mechanical faults such as water or fire damage, scratches, physical damage, etc, it requires professional servicing for repairing the damage and recovering the data from the digital device or storage media.
How does the data recovery process work?
Here at Geek Squire Data Recovery, we specialize in an exceptional process flow of handling your data recovery procedure. We begin each case with a risk-free media and data evaluation. Our specialized engineers test the whole scenario to verify whether the device has recoverable data, after which we analyse the whole process and provide you with our price quotation and the estimated turnaround time for the process of recovery. There is no obligation involved in this evaluation, and we will return your media if you decide not to proceed with the recovery process any further. Our team will provide you with free diagnostics with our standard service plan and stand by our “No data, No recovery fee” guarantee.

If you accept our quotation, we will treat the media issues with our tried and tested technology and utilize a Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom. Our specialized team of engineers will make a copy of your drive and treat the logical or mechanical issues to restore the files to a proper working condition. Once the recovery process is complete, we will send a list of recovered files and data back on FIPS validated portable storage or on the storage media that you provided to us.

How much does data recovery cost?

The cost of data recovery varies based on several factors which includes

  • Type of the failed storage media or device.
  • Cause of the media device failure (mechanical or logical or both)
  • Whether any additional components have been purchased.
  • How many engineers were involved to recover the information from your device.
  • Tools, equipment and experience/reputation of the data recovery company.

Companies that use this type of pricing scheme are not reputable.

Geek Squire has the most revolutionary tools available and employs a highly experienced team of engineers with decades of experience in recovering data. Once we quote you the exact price and timeframe required, we will never change it no matter what the circumstances are, even if the recovery process requires more work than was originally expected.

What should I do if I experience data loss?

If your media storage is experiencing an unfortunate event of data loss, turn it off immediately and disconnect it from the power source. Unplug the device and place it in a safe area so that it does not get broken, damaged or too warm or too cold. Do not try to attempt a recovery on yourself because it will significantly reduce the chances of a successful recovery. The first few moments after a data loss is crucial, so call our Geek Squire Recovery Squad as soon as possible and be careful with the media storage device.

When is data recovery possible?
Data recovery is possible in most cases, and each file recovery depends on the overall scenario and cause of the issue. As mentioned before, a device with logical issues can be recovered using specialized software whereas those for physical damage or mechanical failure can be recovered by deploying an experienced team of professionals and working on them hands-on. In this case, engineers will use our Class 10 ISO 4 Cleanroom to replace the malfunctioning parts and retrieve your data. On a mechanical hard disk drive, the platters store information or data and if they are intact, recovery is extremely possible. If the logical NAND gates on an SSD are still in place, then recovery is also possible. Geek Squire Recovery has successfully recovered plenty of such files and data in the past even under extreme conditions when the data was recovered from media that has been burned, submerged in water and experienced brutal physical damage.

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